In the outskirts of Orleans, there is a cultural center located in the 17th century summer residence of the royal jeweler. This historical building, beautifully remodeled and equipped with modern exhibition facilities, is a place of work for French amateur artists. They organize their exhibition annually here and to raise the significance and prestige of the event they always invite two professional artists – a painter and a sculptor. This year Ryszard Piotrowski was invited to the exhibition, together with the Swiss painter, Alexandre Valette. Their exhibition was located in the main exhibition hall on the ground floor, and the work of the amateur artists was located on the upper floors. Throughout the 10 day exhibition, May 22-31, there were hundreds of guests. Piotrowski and Valette say to be impressed with the openness for art of the French audience. “Beyond any doubts, the visitors were very responsive to our work. They were spontaneous and enthusiastic, eager to indulge in discussion and share feelings. It is definitely something what every artists lives for”, says Piotrowski.